About Us


PTS is a multi faceted solution provider to the photofinishing industry, specializing in digital workflow platforms, hardware and software integration, and traditional lab equipment sales and service.  We work with our clients to  first identify their unique requirements, and then implement the necessary technology to maximize their growth and return on investment.  PTS understands the imaging industry’s demands, competitiveness, and technological advances.  We are  the industry leader in providing these solutions due to our: 

  • Unparalleled industry experience, skills, and credibility
  • Focus on providing affordable yet effective imaging solutions
  • Commitment to our clients through support and service for continued  growth in their market
  • Ongoing research and development of new, innovative products and imaging solutions from both internal and external sources


PTS , was founded and is operated by photofinishing professionals with industry leading experience.  This expertise allows PTS to understand the client's needs and maintain a deep understanding of today's changing market trends.  As our industry evolves in the digital sector, PTS aggressively strives to stay ahead of the technology curve.  Our commitment at PTS to being the industry leader in imaging solutions shows through our continued research and development, and in expanding our knowledge base.  We have witnessed the transition from traditional film and paper process to digital output devices, and have guided professionals through the transition.  Our solutions have been deployed to assist a wide range of clients encompassing Professional Studios, Photo Labs, Corporate Retail Chains, and Local Retail Photofinishers.