Reconditioned Option

  • Reconditioned to within factory tolerances
  • Thoroughly cleaned and tested
  • 60-Day Warranty

Clean-Check Option

  • Tested for operation
  • Failed parts replaced or adjusted
  • Tanks & exterior cleaned for appearance

As-Is Option

  • Unit is inspected for all required components
  • All required hardware is supplied
  • No warranty


Introducing the Fujifilm Frontier Dry Minilab DL600, equipped with an exclusive ink head developed to handle five different-colored inks with the same ink consumption per unit area as the four-colored inks of the existing DL series; Fujifilm Quality Inkjet Paper, which has been specially developed to maximize the different colored inks; and Fujifilm’s proprietary image processing technology Image Intelligence, to obtain high quality prints. The DL600 also features a 720dpi mode for regular printing, and a 1,440dpi high quality print mode.

The DL600 offers outstanding space saving capabilities with operation available both at the front and one side of the printer. Ink cartridge capacity has been increased to 700ml per cartridge, further reducing the need to change consumables. The DL600 is also able to handle paper sizes of up to 12 inches in response to diversifying customer demands.

Through the combination of specialized inkjet paper and five different-colored inks, the DL600 achieves high image quality, enhanced operability and maintenance, and offers unwavering print quality and increased efficiency. The DL600 responds to the requirements of a wide range of customers, from first-time users of dry minilabs to long-time professional lab operators.



  • PRINT METHOD Piezoelectric inkjet system
    PRINT CAPACITY Approx. 650 prints / hr (4x6-size) Approx. 240 prints / hr (8x10-size)
    PROCESSING TIME Approx. 90 seconds (fastest time)
    PRINTING RESOLUTION 720 x 720dpi / 1440 x 1440dpi (HQ mode)
    ROLL PAPER Dual Roll - 4"x590', 5"x590', 6"x590', 8"x328', 10"x328', 12"x328
    PAPER TYPE Glossy / Luster
    INK CARTRIDGES 5 colors (C, M, Y, K, LB) of dye base ink (Volume: 700ml per color)
    BACK PRINTING Dot Matrix 2 lines (40 characters each line)
    PRINTER SORTER Optional - 10 Order sorter (8x12in Max)
    FLOOR SPACE Approx. 15.93 ft.2 (includes Sorter Unit)
    TOTAL INSTALL SPACE Approx. 43.4 ft.2  (includes Sorter Unit)
    100-120V / 200-240V (50 / 60Hz) manual conversion single-phase two-wire
    L 60.24" x W 46.6" x H 32.2" (includes Sorter Unit)
    WEIGHT Weight per unit: 353 lbs (160 kg) (includes Sorter Unit)
    63 Kwh per month (in energy saving mode) / 89 Kwh per month (without energy saving mode)