Reconditioned Option

  • Reconditioned to within factory tolerances
  • Thoroughly cleaned and tested
  • 60-Day Warranty

Clean-Check Option

  • Tested for operation
  • Failed parts replaced or adjusted
  • Tanks & exterior cleaned for appearance

As-Is Option

  • Unit is inspected for all required components
  • All required hardware is supplied
  • No warranty


Because the QSS-2901 Minilab converts all scanned images into digital data, a wide range of correction measures can be applied to significantly improve contrast, sharpness and red-eye, as well as to minimize problems with exposure, backlighting, and flash photography. Negatives with surface dust and scratches can be automatically detected and corrected when the standard Digital ICE™ feature is employed.

The QSS-2901 uses Noritsu’s advanced Micro Light Valve Array (MLVA) digital print engine to create 400 dpi resolution digital prints on silver halide paper. Printing on standard silver halide paper not only ensures high quality prints, but significantly reduces production costs.

High speed scanning and the MLVA print engine, combined with speed enhancing features like two lane processing and a dual magazine paper system, makes the QSS-2901 a high performance workhorse.


  • Exposure Method MLVA Line exposure method Print Resolution
    Print Resolution 400 dpi
    Usable Film Formats 110, 135F, 135H, 135P, 135HD, 135FP, IX 240 (C.H.P.) 6X4.5, 6X6, 6X7, 6X8, 6X9
    Film Types Negative, positive and B/W
    Paper Widths 3.25”, 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, 4.6”, 4.75”, 5”, 5.25”, 6”, 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 8.25”, 8.5”, 9.5”, 10”, 11”, 12”
    Paper Advanced Length 3.25” – 18”
    Paper Magazine Dual Paper Magazine System
    Maximum Diameter of Paper Roll .9.85” (Paper Length 7”)
    Compatible Input Media Standard: FD, CD-ROM,
    Optional: CD-R/RW, MO, ZIP, DVD, CompactFlash, Smartmedia, PC Card, Flatbed Scanner
    Compatible Output Media .Standard: FD
    Optional: CD-R/RW, MO, ZIP, DVD, CompactFlash, Smartmedia, PC Card
    Estimated Processing Capacity *Approx. 1,148 prints/hr. 3R(3.5” X 5”)
    Approx. 1,548 prints/hr. 3R(5” X 3.5”)
    Approx. 981 prints/hr. 4R(4” X 6”)
    Approx. 1,383 prints/hr. 4R(6” X 4”)
    *QSS-2901 (Index not included)